Payment methods are available in YepBrand include:
    * Credit Cards Payment
    * Bank Wire Transfer
    * Western Union
    * Bitcoin
    * Other Payment Methods
I. Credit Cards Payment: We accepted Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron and MC Maestro
To enhance your purchasing experience and make the payment easy and secure, we apply a third party merchant account which is secured by GeoTrust™ and McAfee SECURE. You can use all major credit cards to pay on our site.
In order to pay directly with your credit card you should choose “Credit Cards Payment” when you checkout. Once your order is submitted by clicking “CHECK OUT”, you will be redirected to the Credit Cards Payment gateway where you can make the payment.
a.our Credit Cards Payment Gateway only permits the total price less than a special amount per order, if your order totals much more than maximum, please consider splitting it into multiple ones
b. Please do not close the Credit Cards Payment Gateway page until it turns into our website confirming your successful payment;
2. Bank Wire Transfer via Western Union, Remitly, Worldremit, Paysend etc( and Credit Card Payment via these also)
We accept bank transfers from all the countries around the world, usually we will receive your transfer within 2-3 days.
Step 1: Choose Bank Transfer as your payment method when you CHECK OUT;
Step 2: After we confirm your order, you will get our Bank Information; then you can Print or write down the payment information, also your order number;
Step 3: Provide yepbrand bank account information to your bank and add your order number as note comments to finish transfer.
Step 4: Instruct your bank that you will pay charges, so your full payment can arrive.
      Ask bank staff clearly to inform you of the transfer charges including any intermediary banks. Don't worry; it is normally just a few dollars. You must "pay all charges"  transfer charges , else if we received money less than the order required we may not be able to process your order.
Step 5: Double check your payment amount and make sure  it's correct before transfer is confirmed.
Step 6: Ask your bank for a receipt showing the details of the transfer instruction.
      You can fax or email us a copy of your bank transfer receipt once you finish it, so we can prepare the order for you in advance. your package will be shipped out immediately when we receive your transfer. 
      We guarantee to confirm your payment in 24 working hours after payment is received.
Please make payment information correct (check the receiver's first name and last name).
Please email us the payment receipt after you finished the payment.
Notes: If this is the first time you send payment by it, Western Union will ask you if you know us, you can say yes!, otherwise they will refuse to let you send the payment.
5. Other Payment Methods
 Please contact our sales if you prefer other payment methods.
     * If you change your mind about your order or need any after-sale support, we are here to help.
     * If you cancel or reduce your order we will return full to your account credit, so you can use it on other orders or return to your payment account.
     * if the products are wrong or lost in delivery, we will send a new one or credit/refund fully according to you.
Please inform us of your payment transaction and contact our sales to confirm the payment when you do not choose credit card payment online.
Any other questions are welcome too, please email us  or chat with us by livechat window.
Payment Notes:
Order prices in the shop system include shipping fee during the checkout process excluding taxes.
Payment can be charged by any currency, even we advise using the currency in the online order process for easy calculation.
    * Please do not send cash.
    * Please do not send cheques or money orders.
    * Please do not email us details of bank accounts or credit cards.