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Q: how can I choose correct size?
A: our all clothing are made in china and we use Asia Size by default. so in most case you need choose larger one or two than usual,  if you don't know which size is suitable for you, please contact with us first and supply your general size information height/weight information,  such as Sleeve length/Chest /Shoulder/Waist/Hips etc also welcome.
   all shoes are standard size which labeled us size and europe size here to take a reference
Q: are the products with 1:1 full replication?

A: we do not ensure our clothing are all full 1:1 replication, even some of them are perfect 1:1, we do not promise all are 1:1.
Q: why there are so much different price for the same item ?
A: we have different quality goods for different  customer requirements. we do this deal for more than 10 years and we needn't to lie on this.
    for a simple example:
  • All bags >80~100 or labeld with AAA+ are really leather with lables
  • All bags > 200 usd or labled as "original sample" are the top quality with 1:1 replication.
  • The other cheap bags we do not ensure there will be logo label inside.
in fact, in most case, there is only one simple rule:  different quality based on different price. if you're not sure with it, please contact with us first before you paid.
Q: is there box and gift card with item by default?
A: for all items, we do not supply box and gift bags by default, to avoid security problem in customs and it's also too expensive for shipping fee by volume. so if you want items with box and gift bags, please contact with us and add notes for order, we need more additional chargement to fill increased shipping fee.
Q: how can I return shipping?
A: please read our return & exchange policy here .
Q: why it take so much time for shipping?  and why my shipping tracking record does not move in a long time period?
A: as you know due to covid-19, it will take more time than usual. all the flights over the world are very busy and limited. so you'd better have a good reasonable expectations with shipping arrival date.       if your package does move in 14 days, please contact with us.

Q: why I can't track the tracking number in DHL or Fedex? why it doesn't move?

A: we use reference number as shipping number by default. so you can track directly in DHL or Fedex etc by that number. if you want get real track number, you can wait few days later or query from us directly by customer service.
     and another thing you should know is: we're replicas seller, the shipment is different with regular goods, all replicas shipping will be queue forced for a while via special channel before really in transmit.(generally it will take a week around). and in most case you will get your package in 7-15 days around except EMS.

Q: I can't find special style from your site. how could I do? 
A:  as you know we have many brands supply. we can't ensure we put all style on the site. you just need sending us pictures. we will ask help from warehouse and factory.

in a word, all your problem or questions please just ask me first for correct confirmation before placing order to avoid mistake. it's a good protection for both us.