Questions and Answers

Q: how can I choose the correct size for clothing?
A: our clothing is made in China and default to Chinese sizes(which are typically smaller than European and American sizes). In most cases, it was suggested that you should choose one to two sizes larger than the usual size based on your height and weight.
If you don't know which size is suitable for you, please contact us first and supply your general size information height/weight information,  such as Sleeve length/Chest /Shoulder/Waist/Hips etc also welcome.
Jeans are standard sizes, you can check our size chart for more information.
Although our shoes were labeled with both European and American sizes on the website, but we use EU size as the primary size (using Nike shoes as a reference), therefore sometimes the US size of the shoes you receive may not match the US size listed on the website. If you are unsure which size to choose, please click our size chart for reference.


Q:Is your product a 1:1 clone?
A:we did not guarantee that all of our clothes were 1:1 full clone, even some looks like perfect 1:1, but we still did not guarantee anything due to the limitations of craftsmanship and material differences;


Q: why there are many products with the same style but different prices?
A: we have different quality products for different customer requirements. We have been in this business for over 10 years and we are not lying about this.

for a simple example:

  • All bags >80~100 or title with AAA+ are really leather with lables
  • All bags > 200 usd or title as "original sample" are the top quality with closing to 1:1 clone.
  • Other cheaper bags do not guarantee that there will be logo tags inside.
In summary, there is only one simple principle: different quality comes with different prices, usually the more expensive ones are of better quality than the cheaper ones.


Why didn't I receive a box with my product?
A: Except for watches, jewelry, belts and A+ wallets, we usually don't send boxes to avoid customs inspection. Moreover, shipping fees calculating by volume are very expensive. If you want your product come with a box or a gift bag, please add a note in your order when you place an order and contact us before making payment , we need to charge extra to cover the increased shipping fee.


Q: how can I return a product?
A: Please read our return & exchange policy here.


Q: Why is it taking so long to process my order?
A: Some products need to be allocated from other city warehouses, and most brand shoes, especially women's shoes, need to be paid first and then produce one by one, so usually it takes 2-5 days to process your order before we ship out.


Q: Why can't I track the tracking number in DHL or Fedex? Why doesn't it move?
A: By default, the tracking number you receive is just a reference number from our website, so you cannot track it directly through DHL or Fedex, etc. If you want to get the real tracking number, you can either wait a few days until the tracking page is updated with the real tracking number, or you can directly query the status through our customer service.

the shipping replicas is different from shipping regular goods. All packages go through a special channel and have to wait in line for a period of time before they are picked up by a flight plan, which takes up most of the time instead of the transit time(7-14 days around, without any updates from tracking records). Usually, you can expect to receive the package within 7-20 days, excluding EMS.


Q: why the transportation was taking so long and why my shipping records had not changed for a long period of time?
A:As you know, due to Covid-19, all flights around the world are very busy and limited, this will take more time than usual. So it is best to have a reasonable expectations for the arrival date. If your package tracking records has not been updated within 14 days, please contact us.



Q: I can't find a special style from your site. What could I do?
A: As you know, we have a lot of brands to supply and we cannot guarantee that we push all styles on the website. You can send us photos and we will ask for help from the warehouse and factories.


Q: Why do I get out of stock emails after paid?
A: because our manufacturer partners do not have a stock management system, so we are unable to effectively track inventory. This is why sometimes you may receive a notification of out of stock after you paid. When you receive an out of stock email, you can request a replacement or a partial refund. If you want to avoid this happen, you can also confirm stock with our customer service before making payment.


Q: Why is my payment reminder pending status?
A: Sometimes, after you submit a payment request, it will enter a pending payment state and you don't need to retry multiple times. You will receive our payment review email and after it is approved, we will release and execute your payment. If the payment fails, you will receive a payment attempt warning from the bank.


Q: Why has my order been overcharged from the credit card than the order amount?
A: Our payment gateway is located in China, so all payments are defaulted to be charged in Chinese Yuan. Therefore, there is a hidden international service fee (charged by your issuing bank). In addition, due to fluctuations in international exchange rates, there may be a difference, usually the difference is about 0.5% to 3.5% of the transaction amount. If you find that you have been charged too much, please contact us to apply for a partial or full refund and cancel the order.


Q:why my payment request was showing it was from a different website?
A:it's just a protective technology of our payment gateway to avoid DMCA issues. If you feel uncomfortable with this, you could also try using bank transfer or Bitcoin.


Q:Why are my payment requests always being declined?
A: As you know, most replicas sites have been deemed high-risk transactions by the banks. They will auto decline the transaction by default. When you receive a payment confirmation text from the bank, you should approve the transaction yourself, else it will always fail.

Please do not attempt to use multiple cards within a short period of time, otherwise it will be regarded as a high-risk operation by the payment gateway and be blocked and blacklisted.


In conclusion, if you have any questions or are unsure of anything, please ask help from our customer service before placing an order to avoid any mistakes. This is a good protection for both of us.